Artist. Entertainer. Philanthropist. Speaker.

For the past two decades Stephen Fishwick has traveled the globe inspiring audiences from Corporate America, Foreign Dignitaries, Theme Parks, and International Venues with his electric style of live painting.  Among his list of clients are such corporate giants as Disney, Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Sea World, Lexus, and NFL.  Dyslexia and ADD fuels his creative ability and he uses his story to inspire audiences all over the world.

For Life Collection

Featured at zoos and aquariums throughout the world, Stephen’s For Life Collection supports the plight of endangered animals holding value in educating, supporting and celebrating our precious wildlife. Being partnered with such organizations like Wild Wonders, Lions, Tigers, & Bears, Mission Wildlife and The Conservation Fund, Stephen’s art has raised 2 million dollars+ toward these causes.

Einstein Collection

Stephen’s Albert Einstein, “It’s All Relative” was featured on episodes of ABC’s Modern Family. This consequential action led to this print being one of the top search of Einstein paintings among Google.

Disney Fine Art

I have partnered with Disney to create a collection of fine art that includes the amazing lineup of iconic characters that have touched so many hearts and minds of the young and young at heart.

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Humble Design San Diego Advisory Board

"Thank you for sharing both your heart and incredible talent. The outcome of the event exceeded our most optimistic expectations. We recognize the success we experienced would not have been realized without your valuable contribution."

Noah Elias

"When Stephen performs it's more than just art; It's a message that has heart and connects with viewers at the deepest level. It is amazing to witness a God-given talent in action"

Stephen's Purpose

Stephen is passionate about using his art and story to conserve wildlife and rescue woman from human trafficking. Learn more about these organizations:

Conservation For Wildlife

Conservation For Wildlife

Stephen Fishwick is motivated to educate and promote the conservation of wildlife.  Through his work with San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, Wild Wonders, Lions, Tigers, & Bears, Mission Wildlife and The Conservation Fund, he has raised 2 million dollars+ with his art and that’s just the beginning.

Alabaster Jar Project

Alabaster Jar Project

Alabaster Jar Project is an incredible organization with the goal of providing housing and resources for women who have survived human trafficking and sexual exploitation.  Stephen Fishwick has partnered with the team of Alabaster Jar to donate through the sales of his artwork to support this charity. to learn more about how you can help.

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