About The Artist

Stephen Fishwick is a self-made artist, entertainer, philanthropist and keynote speaker.  Stephens journey began in Jefferson, Ohio on a farm where at the early age of seven, his mother noticed his intense interest in drawing and painting. An aspiring artist herself, the moment she noticed his drive for drawing she labeled him “the family artist” and began to provide him with all sorts of sketchbooks and canvases to work on. Stephen remembers spending countless hours in his sketchbook out at his barn and drawing all of the animals, from chickens and ducks to rabbits, goats, pigs, and the occasional cow and horse.

Stephen struggled as a student due to undiagnosed dyslexia which left him feeling rejected, humiliated and alone.  He became more interested in dreaming, in creating and in doing things his own way.  He found ways to communicate himself with interesting stories, wild drawings and paintings, and found that even though he struggled in some ways, he shined when it came to art.

Stephen began his professional career sketching caricatures and hustling in theme parks where he fell in love with drawing the human face.  Because of his natural leadership skills and hard work, he quickly rose the corporate ladder of management into a regional manager of one of the largest concessions companies nationally.   Over the course of the next ten years he expanded their company to include 12 theme parks throughout California including Sea World, Legoland, Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm to name a few.  

After longing to get back to drawing and painting, Stephen took up a second job training himself to speed paint for churches and corporate events.  His relationship with the San Diego Zoo and love for animals grew to have a presence on the world stage and in 2007, he was asked to do a live performance painting show called Splash Animals.  The power of art combined with education and story-telling on the plight of endangered species was a force the SD Zoo and their members loved.  The San Diego Zoo now features Stephen’s For Life Collection in its gift shops and he featured annually at their VIP gala in their ongoing effort to end extinction.

Stephen’s reputation in the world of art began to explode in 2008.  Stephen was being pursued by world-renowned intellectual properties the likes of Elvis Presley Enterprises, the estates of Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn.  Famous bands such as Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Rush and Kiss to paint these properties in his style as well. And in 2011, Stephen was given one of the highest honors in his career when he was asked to join the elite team of Disney Fine Artists.

Stephen was asked to paint Abraham Lincoln, “Freedom” that’s found in such esteemed locations as the Ford’s Theatre where President Lincoln was assassinated. Other paintings were featured at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, Henry Ford Museum in Michigan, and featured in zoos and aquariums all throughout the world. HardRock Hotels has commissioned his work for their properties in Sydney, Australia, HardRock Casino in Tampa, FL, and HardRock Hotel in downtown San Diego.

Stephen’s Einstein “Its All Relative” is the top search of Einstein paintings on Google and has been featured on episodes of ABC’s Modern Family on the walls of Alex’s dorm room.  In 2012, with Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar, they asked Stephen to create an exclusive piece that included all four Disney properties in one image called “The Power of Four” to be unveiled at their licensing conference that year.  Stephen has also formed relationships with Lexus and Toyota where his artwork covers the entire 369,000 footprint of The Centre at Lexus of Escondido, California and is home of his exclusive gallery, Stephen Fishwick Fine Art Collection.  Stephen’s largest gallery of original artwork is sold by Park West where VIP collectors worldwide vie for his work.

Stephen’s art has been inspired by the masters as he has studied Dali, Norman Rockwell, John Singer Sargent, Picasso and Warhol over the years. His sketch books are filled with thousands of pages of practice.  His style is dynamic as he moves very quickly and attacks the canvas with acrylic paint and energy all while listening to stories and music of the subject he’s painting.  “A painting isn’t complete until I can hear the voice or story coming through a piece of artwork.”  He would call his work spontaneous realism.

Stephen has been married to his wife Jodi for over 20 years and they have 3 children.  As a family, they have been led to support, volunteer and raise money for several local San Diego philanthropies and education districts in their community.

Stephen is passionate about serving using his art and story to help people of all ages to embrace their unique abilities to make a lasting impact.  As a sought after speaker and entertainer, Stephen loves sharing stories of inspiration, underestimation, rejection, practice, failure and never giving up.  He is especially passionate about the plight of endangered animals and wants to do everything he can to educate, support and celebrate our precious wildlife in a big way.