About The Artist

Stephen Fishwick, an artist, entertainer, philanthropist, and speaker.  For the past two decades Stephen has traveled the globe inspiring audiences from Corporate America, Foreign Dignitaries, Theme Parks, and International Venues with his electric style of live painting.  Among his list of clients are such corporate giants as Disney, Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Sea World, Lexus, and NFL.

Stephen has earned the title of official artist for such intellectual properties as Elvis Presley Enterprises, the estates of Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Rush and Kiss to name a few. 

Stephen has built a significant relationship with the San Diego Zoo inspired by his love for animals which has grown to have a presence on the world stage. Splash Animals, his first significant offer, focused on the power of art combined with education and story-telling of the plight of endangered species around the world.  In 2021, Sea World of San Diego recruited Stephen to amplify his live performance show and coupled it with a gallery presence with the goal to build awareness and educate vast audiences on our oceans sea life. 

Featured at zoos and aquariums throughout the world, Stephen’s For Life Collection supports the plight of endangered animals holding value in educating, supporting and celebrating our precious wildlife.  Being partnered with such organizations like Wild Wonders, Lions, Tigers, & Bears, Mission Wildlife and The Conservation Fund, Stephen’s art has raised 2 million dollars+ toward these causes.

Stephen’s most notable honor was his acceptance in joining the elite team of official Disney Fine Artists. With Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar, Stephen was the only artist ever allowed to incorporate all four Disney properties on one canvas denoted “The Power of Four” of which was unveiled at the Disney conference. In addition to this astounding opportunity, Stephen’s Albert Einstein, “It’s All Relative” was featured on episodes of ABS’s Modern Family. This consequential action led to this print being one of the top search of Einstein paintings among Google.

Relationships with Lexus and Toyota are further corporations paired with Stephen.  His artwork covers the entire 369,000 footprint of The Centre at Lexus of Escondido, California and is home to his exclusive gallery, Stephen Fishwick Fine Art Collection.  Stephen has also partnered with internationally acclaimed Park West Gallery, whose wide reach has brought collectors to Stephen’s artwork and given him a chance to connect with his audience in a whole new and intimate way.

Over decades of studying the masters namely Salvador Dali, Norman Rockwell, John Singer Sargent, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol, Stephen’s artwork has been influenced.  He has branded his style as “Spontaneous Realism” noting “A painting isn’t complete until I can hear the voice or story coming through a piece of artwork.” 

Residing in San Diego, California, Stephen has been married to his wife Jodi for over 20 years and they have 3 children.  As a family, they support and volunteer for several local San Diego charities.

Stephen is passionate about using his art and story to help people of all ages to embrace their unique abilities to make a lasting impact.  As a sought after speaker and live performance artist, Stephen loves sharing stories of inspiration, underestimation, rejection, practice, failure and never giving up.