For the past two decades, world-renowned artist Stephen Fishwick has traveled the globe with his brand of live performance painting and message of inspiration. He brings a high energy and fascinating display of art, music, and storytelling into the world of live performance painting.  Using this unique talent, he weaves stories of inspiration, adversity, and passion to remind each of us that our unique weakness can be our greatest gift.

He cultivates partnerships to raise awareness for our worlds most challenging needs with his art having raised 5 million+ and still going!  As a celebrated artist, he continues to give back with every opportunity he is given.  Join him on a journey of creativity and celebration of life.



Stephen has spoken and performed in front of crowds of hundreds of people to tens of thousands of people with his audiences including Corporate America, Foreign Dignitaries, Theme Parks, and International Venues.  If you would like to over deliver to your audience, contact us and let’s get Stephen on your platform!  Email info@stephenfishwick.com