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Stephen has spoken and performed in front of crowds of hundreds of people to tens of thousands of people with his audiences including Corporate America, Foreign Dignitaries, Theme Parks, and International Venues.  If you would like to over deliver to your audience, contact us and let’s get Stephen on your platform! 

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For the past two decades, world-renowned artist Stephen Fishwick has traveled the globe with his brand of live performance painting and message of inspiration. He brings a high energy and fascinating display of art, music, and storytelling into the world of live performance painting.  Using this unique talent, he weaves stories of inspiration, adversity, and passion to remind each of us that our unique weakness can be our greatest gift.

He cultivates partnerships to raise awareness for our worlds most challenging needs with his art having raised 5 million+ and still going!  As a celebrated artist, he continues to give back with every opportunity he is given.  Join him on a journey of creativity and celebration of life.




"Stephen is an exceptional performer and knows how to draw a crowd. His shows keep the audience engaged through his live, entertaining, and interactive work on stage. The combination of art, music, story-telling, and suspense keep the crowd intrigued through the duration of his performances. Stephen’s passion and mission about education and conservation of wildlife align perfectly with our mission at SeaWorld, which is why his show is a natural fit for us to offer to our guests."

- John Dunlap, Park President, SeaWorld and Sesame Place, San Diego


"I was recently honored to co-chair of the inaugural event to introduce Humble Design to San Diego. Without a moment’s hesitation, I reached out to Stephen.

 Having been fortunate to see Stephen’s performance in the past, I knew he was the perfect combination of talent and pure awe that this event required.

The “WOW” factor times ten!

Incredibly humble and gifted, Stephen is always  mindful of the importance of the art he is creating for the audience. Stephen keeps young  and old mesmerized, often while turning their heads upside down to try to determine what that craziness on the canvas will become.  Painting to the beat of well selected  music,  Stephen has a master  plan, and he never disappoints. When he turns the painting, there is a collective “ahh” followed by thunderous  applause and teary eyes. He always leaves his audience wanting more!

We thank you  Stephen for making our first event a huge success."

Pam Griffin, Humble Design



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