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A treasured memory, pieces of your history, or a story of your life captured, and woven deeply into a work of art. A commissioned painting by Stephen is your story brought to life. The process from start to finish transforms an idea, memory or a feeling into something tangible.  It is a legacy for you to enjoy for a lifetime.


Stephen Fishwick creates custom paintings of influential icons of the 20th Century for Gomez Trial Attorneys.



"He did an amazing job at painting our family and the joy that is created spending time with our children and exposing them to different places and cultures around the world.  Every time we walk past this painting in our foyer it brings a smile to our faces."  -Quincy


"It was such a pleasure working with Stephen. He personally called and talked to us.  We told him our story including our retirement plans.  We had always wanted what we called our perfect piece of art.  Something that reflected us completely.  Well....we have it.  This piece is our perfect art.  It is our most valuable painting.

We feel that he not only captured our vision but he has sealed our future.  Thank you for this wonderful experience!" - Daiana



"I own a few of Stephen paintings and decided to commission him to paint this photo of my brother and I. This photo just represents the innocence and happiness of 2 brothers. Working with him on the overall finish was fantastic and easy, he suggested the Old Fashion look. I am extremely happy with the outcome of the painting." - Neal


"We had the pleasure of meeting Stephen Fishwick at an art auction and purchased a blank canvass for a commission. We desired a portrait of our grand daughter, Kiani, so she could grace us every day. We showed Stephen a picture of her holding a butterfly and then the magic started. He transformed the picture into a true master piece. He captured her curiosity, imagination, and playfulness. We love the commission and get to have dinner with Kiani even while she lives miles away." - Robert


"Stephen was so easy to work with. He is truly amazing. I am so pleased with the painting he did for me. My husband's grandmother never got to meet her granddaughter, but thru Stephen, I have a painting of what would have been. I smile whenever I see it." - Cari


"First meeting Stephen through the ParkWest auction was just the beginning of our love of his work. The painting of Lake Avalon reflected the mystic beauty of growing up with freedom and peace. Stephen worked with my daughter and I through photos we sent to Stephen in an email and even modified it before the final painting delivery. Working on this commissioned painting created more of a relationship with Stephen and our feeling of the lake was captured perfectly on canvas. Thank you" - Paula

This touching commission is a great example of how ideas can be created out of combined images and an individuals story.  This client’s parents never had a formal wedding photo together as her father had been shipped away to the Korean war and she wanted to fulfill that for them.  Photos were sent of each parent and Stephen painted them as if it were their wedding portrait.  A letter from her father to her mother on their first anniversary apart was replicated to celebrate the strength of their love regardless of the distance between them. 

What is the cost of a commission?

The cost varies depending on the project complexity and the size of the final piece, but the range for an Original Acrylic starting at $5,000 and ranging in size from 16x20, 24x30, and 30x40.


To get started on your commission, Contact Us Here!